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5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Clear mental function, fluidity of motion or a more healthy weight and physical capacity, whatever you want from your exercise program is available from yoga. The only problem is that yoga is largely misunderstood. As it is seemingly built of various asanas, or yoga poses, many assume it is a form of exercise and has benefits that are solely physical.

This causes the majority of people to overlook the benefits of this discipline that unites mind, body and breath. When these elements of life are in perfect unison, the plethora of benefits can be better appreciated. Many of these benefits are subtle and personal, but the following list will introduce you to the most essential physical benefits of this time honored tradition of physical and mental discipline.

Here are some of the most common health conditions that are addressed and can be overcome with regular yoga practice.

1. Athsma

A study completed by the American College of Sports Medicine proved that patients suffering from asthma could attain a 43% improvement in their conditions after ten weeks of dedicated yoga practice. This is because of the deep breathing and postures of yoga that improve lung capacity, operating efficiency and oxygen delivery throughout the body. This serves to both reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and alleviate the severity of those that do occur.

2. Arthritis

Chronic joint pain and swelling are also greatly reduced by Yoga. The John Hopkins Arthritis Center claims it is the smooth slow movement of yoga positions and transitions that have such beneficial attributes for those suffering from arthritis.

3. Back Pain

In a study performed at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, a group of individuals suffering from chronic back pain were put through a three month program of yoga practice with positive results. The test subjects reported a 70% decrease in lower back pains and over 80% of the participants were able to discontinue taking pain medication.

Proper attention to alignment and body awareness is credited with alleviating the harshness of herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis and chronic back pains.

4. Blood Pressure

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure both affect the body in different ways. The Yale School of Medicine found that yoga was instrumental in reducing both of these pressure levels. Hypertension patients who regularly practiced yoga and meditation therapies obtained results very similar to those undergoing medication for the same symptoms. Routine yoga practice had been found to increase oxygen levels of the blood and the circulatory system as a whole.

5. Depression, Stress and Anxiety

According to medical tests performed at the Boston University of Medicine, a simple 60-minute workout routine can increase the presence of a neural-transmitter called GABA inside the brain. Symptoms of stress,m depression and anxiety have been commonly associated with low levels of GABA throughout the brain. By slowing the breath and the body’ stress responses, yoga is able to reduce the severity of bouts with depression and allow for a natural recovery.

6. Nutrition

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, there is a very unique correlation between yoga and healthier eating. This probably comes from the physiological awareness that comes from regular practice. This mindfulness of the body and it’s functions can lead to mindfulness when eating. This means knowing when you are actually hungry, as opposed to suffering cravings, and when to stop without overeating. Interestingly enough, this benefit is not found in any other physical activity.

In Conclusion — All these benefits are simply the beginning. No matter your state of physical and mental health, there are many health benefits that you can obtain from a committed routine of yoga, when accompanied by meditation exercises these benefits are compounded

Improve Your Life Through The Practice Of Yoga

Improve Your Life Through The Practice Of Yoga

Yoga has become one of the most popular activities for those looking for a way to better their mind, body, and soul. When yoga is combined with mental relaxation techniques it helps to create a healthy lifestyle and an incredible peace of mind.

There are many aspects to yoga including diet, breathing, exercise, and hygiene. Focusing on just a couple of these aspects will ensure that you create a successful yoga regime.

One of the main benefits of a healthy yoga routine is helping to lower blood pressure and improve the levels of oxygen in the body. Blood circulation levels will improve organs and they will be enriched with powerful nutrients. One technique that will help achieve these results is through the use of rhythmic breathing.This type of yoga practice can also help to elevate the level of red blood cells in the body.

Of course, there are sports such as kickboxing and cycling that can help improve the heart. However, yoga has the ability to create more benefits than these cardio activities. Scientific studies have also shown that those who practice yoga have a higher level of health than those who do not practice it.

Individuals who practice yoga techniques generally have a higher immunity level. It is believed that yoga helps to raise glucose levels in the body. There are several movements that help to keep the lymphatic system flowing and strong. The sodium levels in the body are also much lower through the use of yoga.

People who suffer from chronic conditions such as fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety can benefit from yoga exercises. There are specific poses that are designed to stimulate body parts that help make an individual more sensitive to their own body. Over time, these yoga poses help to make body movements more graceful and improve the posture.

Stress is one of the main ailments that can be alleviated through yoga. Controlled breathing can help create a calming effect over the body. One one is able to remove themselves from their own thoughts through the process of breathing, it helps to remove all stress from the body.

Yoga is also a technique which has been shown to prevent osteoporosis and keep the body fit. Yoga has been shown to elevate gamma-amino butyric levels which have been shown to help those individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Yoga has been proven time and time again to improve many aspects of an individual’s health. This is perhaps one of the reasons that yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is time to learn these valuable techniques and improve the quality of your life.

If you are unsure how and where to start, begin with a class at your local fitness and wellness center. Simply go to your nearest location and ask what type of beginners classes they offer. Or you can simply search the internet for the nearest yoga classes in your city or town. Find a class and location that is comfortable for you and start. You will soon see how yoga benefits not only your body but your mind and soul as well. Take this first step in improving your life through the practice of yoga.

Once you have mastered yoga, you may move on to other techniques such as meditation. These activities are designed for those individuals who want to have the highest quality of life possible. These small changes in life can help make huge improvements. Over a short time you will see how yoga has improved you and over the long term you will feel the effects.

Learn About How Yoga Can Improve Your Health and Wellness

Learn About How Yoga Can Improve Your Health and Wellness

Do you feel tired and run down all of the time? Are you overweight, worn out or generally dissatisfied with your life? If so, you need to learn about how yoga can help you to turn things around. Instead of passively sitting by as a victim, you can take a proactive stance and become the leader of your destiny.

Learning about yoga is an excellent first step in your journey of self. As you gain a greater awareness of your body, mind and spirit, you will be able to increase your health and wellness levels. This is a great choice for people of virtually every background and health goals.

The art of yoga originated far back in time, far from the western world. For centuries, those in other parts of the world knew little about the Hindu practices. However, that has been changing. Today, the cities across the US have teachers who have been through extensive training in the arts related to yoga.

It is important to understand that there are multiple disciplines that fall within the category of yoga. Each of these explores a different aspect, including the very popular hatha yoga. This is the physical type that most folks in the western world are familiar with.

Before starting a class, you should always find out if the instructor uses hatha or some other disciple for the sessions. Learn about the options so you will know if it will be a good match for you.

Even though hatha yoga is primarily about the physical aspects, it can still be quite beneficial for bringing balance to your mental, emotional and spiritual being as well. Most sessions will conclude with a meditation type of event that is great for increasing inner peace.

You might be interested in finding a center that offers classes throughout the week in multiple disciplines. You might be interested in checking these out at the beginner level to see where you are able to achieve the most benefit.

Some people think that yoga just involves a bunch of strange contortions but fail to recognize the intense discipline involved with learning how to achieve each pose. It is not uncommon for folks to break a sweat during class even though there is no jogging or other “regular” cardiovascular challenge.

You can learn more about the history and benefits of yoga by visiting your local library. Check out the books, DVD’s and other resources related to the practice.

Though you can find great videos online to show how to move through the various poses, you should do so carefully. If possible, have a friend or other trusted individual work with you in the beginning. Alternatively, you can practice in front of an oversized mirror.

It is vital that you move into each position carefully and correctly. Bad form can create more problems than what might be helped by your yoga session.

You would be better off to slowly and correctly move through the position one time and hold for five seconds than to do it incorrectly for much longer. As you perfect your form, your body will become stronger, your alignment better.

You deserve to be as happy and well as possible. The ancient discipline involved in the histories of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism is now available to folks of all beliefs to enhance health and wellness in proven ways.

Learn correct form carefully and educate yourself regarding the practice so that you may gain the full benefits of the art form that will give your mind, body and spirit a needed boost.

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors

As people age it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Today, we see that the senior population is continuing to grow and many of these seniors understand the importance of being both mentally and physically fit. Due you to the fact that we live longer lives it is important to have good health as we age to maintain a high quality lifestyle. Unfortunately, growing old also means becoming more susceptible to the various ailments that are associated with old age.

Growing old usually means that a person will have a tendency to move less. This is where the danger lies because when we move less we also increase the chance of ailments that will restrict our mobility. It can become a vicious cycle that will lead to depression and frustration during what should be our Golden Years. There may be many friends and relatives that lovingly suggested that a senior should take it easy as they age. This misguided loving advice however will prove harmful and even fatal if followed.

A lack of movement or stretching can lead to a loss of flexibility and movement. For example,osteoporosis is common for anyone who avoids weight-bearing activities. Older people who have a tendency to sit for longer periods of time will develop muscle tightening, shortening, and weakening. By not continuing to challenge your balance in various positions you will be a candidate for serious and dangerous falls.

Some of the concerns that older people have by living a sedentary lifestyle are arthritis, high blood pressure, low back pain, breathing difficulties, chronic pain, inability to sleep, osteoporosis, poor blood circulation, and reduced joint flexibility. To help combat a life of sedentary as we grow old we need to formulate an exercise program. One of the best exercise programs for people of all ages is yoga.

Yoga has proven to help reduce or alleviate many of the health challenges that come along as we age. There are many yoga classes for seniors popping up everywhere. Some of these classes may be at a health club, a church basement, an assisted-living residence or a senior’s center. There are many excellent studies that show that one of the benefits of a regular yoga routine is that it will slow and sometimes even reverse the aging process.

Yoga has been around for more than 4000 years and during this time it has helped the young and the old. It is one of the fastest-growing exercise programs of the last decade. Yoga is an exercise that will promote flexibility and increase strength. It will help to create a union of body, mind, and spirit. People who practice yoga not only receive many physical benefits but it is an exercise that also provides a feeling of calm and serenity. It is a wonderful opportunity to forget about the chaotic world that we live in and spend a few moments improving our focus, slowing down our heart rate, and increasing our concentration.

Some of the approved poses for a senior yoga class include the following positions. These positions are preferable because they will help to prevent undue stress or strain. The yoga positions for seniors include the cobra, plank, cow, cat, pigeon, shoulder stand, lying twist, triangle, tabletop, happy baby pose, and the seated twist.

A few of the health benefits that will be noticed by seniors when doing the above poses will be a better sleep, increased strength, blood sugar improvement, lower blood pressure, weight loss, less stress and anxiety, ability to control chronic pain, and improved breathing. It is evident from scientific studies and years of practice that there are many proven health benefits realized from this ancient practice. For seniors, it may be the most important exercise program that they should start.

Yoga Is a Fantastic Way to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Yoga Is a Fantastic Way to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Are you tired of being overweight and out of shape? Do you long for restful sleep at the end of the day and to wake up free from the debilitating pains that currently greet you? Are you frustrated with being dependent on a chemical cocktail just to hold the pain at bay? If so, you might want to learn more about yoga.

Thousands of years ago in ancient India, the roots of yoga took hold. There are many forms that have branched out from there, with hatha yoga having the most notable influence in the west. This physical form is only one school of thought that you can study if you want to learn more.

For instance, ashtanga yoga utilizes an incorporation of spirit with the mind and body through metaphysical techniques. These systematic exercises can be quite challenging but beneficial for those who wish to choose that route.

Your current location will determine the availability of yoga instructors and classes to you. Those in rural communities might be limited to online resources while folks in metropolitan areas might feel overwhelmed with local options.

Most people will fall somewhere between these two extremes, with a few centers and offerings throughout the town. One such choice will likely be in your local gym or fitness centers. If you are already a gym member, this can be a great way to take advantage of it. However, if you are not, you might want to look at all of the options before signing some long-term contract.

You might discover that there are yoga centers in your community that have yoga, tai chi and other related classes. These are often taught by experts in the field but you should never assume so. Never be ashamed to ask the instructor about their credentials. This is only fair since you are allowing that person to guide you in methods that could be harmful if done wrong.

Community colleges and recreation centers are also excellent sources for yoga classes. Whether you find one of these options or some other center in your community, it is essential that you find out about the instructor and facility reputation before you sign up.

Look on Google or some other search engine, entering the name and “review” into the search bar. You should click and scan through the information you find. Never depend on the visible rating average as your sole source of data.

You never know when those numbers have been skewed, either intentionally or not. Sometimes people leave ratings that have absolutely nothing to do with the services received. In this instance, you might see a five-star rating because the person is happy about buying a gift card or a one-star because the place isn’t open after midnight. Seriously, always find out why folks like or don’t like a place!

You can then check out each of the facilities that have good reputations to see what the class offerings are. Which ones have classes that fit well into your schedule? What about the pricing? Weigh out the various factors and find out if you can purchase a guest pass or two for each of the places.

This will allow you to see firsthand what to expect in any class you are thinking about taking. Then, you can decide for yourself which clubs, groups or classes that you want to take.

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve every aspect of your health and wellness. Finding great classes taught by qualfied instructors that fit into your schedule is essential to success!

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