Best Android Phones that You Can Purchase

The marketplace for smartphone is packed with the best android phones. Those products include superior features that are better than their competitors are. Some of them boost the performance by upgrading the hardware. Meanwhile, the rests are focusing on the camera specification to improve its image quality. If you are looking for the best smartphone product in the market today, you need to consider more than one superior feature. Superior features always followed by expensive price. You do not have to be surprised that advance smartphone products have high price tag. Prepare your budget before you pick smartphone you want. The following list will give information about some smartphone specifications.

List of the Best Android Phones

  1. Google Pixel

List of the best android phones begin with Google Pixel. Despite being newcomer on the smartphone competition, you cannot take lightly this android device. The superior feature of this smartphone is its camera. Its impressive camera gets good review related to its ability to capture images in the dark. The manufacturer of this product includes premium quality of hardware to give reliable performance. It is integrated with all Google Apps for your convenience. Meanwhile, the operating system used relies on the last version of Android Nougat. The layout uses sleek design with elongated shape.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Coming from the Samsung Galaxy series, you should not surprise that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is included in the best android phones list. The first thing you will notice about this smartphone product is its curvy design. The battery life of this Android device lasts longer than Samsung Galaxy S7, which is released at the same time. Battery life has become nightmare of smartphone devices. Fortunately, Samsung find solution for this problem. Imagine what you can do with such long lasting battery life. You can play video games without being worried that it will dry the power.

  1. OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 is the other option when you are looking for the best android phones. This series boosts its impressive hardware configuration. The powerful processor inserted on its hardware is able to improve its performance significantly. Moreover, it has good camera quality that is able to give you sharp images. The best part about this product is the deal it offers. Even though the price is still rather expensive, it is cheaper if compared to other products. The price tag is worth the superior feature you will get from this Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, superior features of particular smartphone products are also followed by some disadvantage. You might find out that some products also have worse feature. For instance, smartphone with impressive display specification has short battery life. Aside from considering the superior features of smartphone, you also need to consider their drawbacks as well. To help you choosing the product, pick the best android phones with superior features that are suitable for your need. If you are gamer, you can select smartphone with better performance when being used to play mobile game. Such product usually comes with better battery life than smartphone designed for photography. reads this artikel largest smartphone screen

Top 3 Best Smartphone Camera

When reading a review about particular smartphone product, you might read that the smartphone manufacturers claim having the best smartphone camera. However, what it actually takes for a smartphone to have the best camera. Smartphone manufacturer keeps improving the megapixel of their smartphone camera. They lead you to believe that the best camera feature on smartphone is related to its megapixel. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Great images captured by smartphone camera is not only determined by the how much its megapixel. The sensors included in the camera itself determine most of its quality. Here are some of smartphone with good camera sensors and features.

Review of the Best Smartphone Camera

  1. Google Pixel

Google Pixel deserves the first smartphone on our list of the best smartphone camera. Despite being new on smartphone marketplace, this device is able to bring impressive camera specification. The primary camera of this product is 12,3 megapixels, while the secondary camera is 8 megapixels. It comes with powerful light sensor that allows you to capture image on low intensity of light. When being used to capture image on the dark, it is able to produce detailed image. Under the sunlight, the camera is also able to do a great job on producing crisp image. Aside from the light sensors, the camera is integrated with gyro feature. It stabilizes the camera when being used to record video.

  1. iPhone 7 Plus

Apple seems putting hard effort when designing the camera of iPhone 7 Plus. As a product with the best smartphone cameras, this device use innovation that has never been used in other smartphone competitors. The primary camera comes with dual camera. The specification of both primary cameras is 12 megapixels. Meanwhile, the primary camera comes with 7 megapixels. This dual cameras feature is highly recommended to capture outdoor image. The 2x optical zoom feature included in it helps to capture better detail. Not to mention about its water resistant feature, iPhone 7 Plus is smartphone recommended for photography.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7

Despite being last on the list of the best smartphone camera, it does not necessarily mean that Samsung Galaxy S7 has worse quality than the rests. This device comes with 12 megapixels of primary camera and 5 megapixels of the secondary camera. You might notice that the primary camera has fewer megapixels compared to Samsung Galaxy S6, which has 16 megapixels. However, when being used to capture the same object, Samsung Galaxy S7 has better image quality than its previous version. It proves that the megapixel specification of smartphone camera is not always related to its image quality.

It does not matter whether you need the smartphone camera for selfie or capturing nature landscape, you will need decent camera specification for it. Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers are not only improving their hardware specification, but also their camera quality. List of the best smartphone camera above gives you reference on which smartphone to choose for photography. Before purchasing any of those products, you need to prepare your budget since the price tag of those products is above $ this artikel  for smartphone charging pad

Finding the Best Log Bedroom Sets

Hearing the word log might draw our mind to a warm place we might dream of in the winter, like the log cabin, log house or even log bedroom sets. Logs always inspire warmness. Log furniture set is a type of rustic furniture which involves the whole logs to build it. From the appearance, it has a raw or early American look. Depending on how it is manufactured, log furniture is very durable.

Log Bedroom Sets and Their Best Materials

Log bedroom sets, along with log manufacturing are increasingly popular these last years. From the reason, there are many options and styles available in the market. So, for you who want to look for a log bedroom for your home, mountain lodges, or your country house, there are plenty options to choose. Log furniture oftentimes is more expensive if it is hand-made by skilled hands. But you have more affordable options with mass-produced and machined log furniture.

Well, the differing character of log sets is that the frame is made of logs. Moreover, it is constructed without any nails or screws. The early model of log bedroom sets are equipped with crossrails and layered with mattress. The more modern versions have no crossrails but they are equipped with box spring plus the mattress.

There are log bedroom sets materials you might want to consider before purchasing one. You need to consider the type of woods used for the bedroom set because they could affect your overall room characters. You might want a rustic log bedroom set, but you have a modern styled room. That choice just won’t do any good to your room.

The log set materials for bedroom are usually from Aspen wood, Alder, Pine, White Cedar, Red Cedar, and Willow. If you love handcrafted sets, Aspen logs are often the main materials. The quality of the wood and the beauty of the grain are really outstanding. Aside of the visual beauty, Aspen logs are really durable and long-lasting.

Meanwhile, Alder wood log bedroom sets are easily recognized by its reddish light brown shades when exposed to the air. It seldom splits when processed and easy to polish and sand. Those tuffs make it really popular as furniture materials. If you want light yet strong wood, red cedar logs may be good for your choices. The wood is really popular among carpenters for it’s really easy to drill and saw.

White cedar logs could also be your options. It has very similar color to pine. As furniture of bedroom sets, the wood will give its soft yet solid comfort atmosphere. As an added plus, cedar is naturally insect-resistant and really durable. Furthermore, it also won’t shrink and practically no need any maintenance.

Those are several materials you might want to consider before purchasing log sets furniture for bedroom. Your choices are plentiful. They are the mass-produced bedroom sets and there is handcrafted one. The materials are also abundant. So now, what is your choice for your log bedroom sets?

Outdoor Wall Decor for Your House

People nowadays tend to focus their attention to interior design than the exterior part of the house. In fact, those parts are equal and just as important as the other one. Outdoor wall decor needs just the same attention as interior and it is also an important factor that makes the house look more attractive. You might already understand this matter, but how to start decorate the exterior and what things could be used as the decoration? Well, this article will discuss some tips on how to get the things done.

Some Outdoor Wall Decor Tips

There are many things that could be used for outdoor wall decor. Let’s take wallpaper as the first tips. It is the most common item and the easiest decoration for the wall. It is said to be the easiest because people could just buy it in any wallpaper store they could find. Well of course, it comes with a price. However, let’s looks at the positive side in wallpaper. There are many options and variants for you. It also comes with all kinds of patterns and in any color you want. Even though wallpaper is common and comes with a price, it has its own value.

Painting is the next item on the tips. Using painting for outdoor wall decor shows the elegance and of course, it brings up the artistic side of the house. Five small-sized painting hanged accordingly on the wall could be the perfect idea. Paintings of flower, plants, animal and nature will create a peaceful atmosphere for the house. A large three canvas set of painting is also a great option, moreover if the owner paints it himself. People can just buy some paintings in the store, but using their own painting will always make a difference.

Next, using plants, flowers or vertical garden as outdoor wall decor is the wonderful idea. It will bring up a nature-like environment, creating a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful sight. There are many choices for flower as the decorations, like roses, jasmine, sunflower, etc. The options for plants are also varying. People can always study and use bonsai or mini trees as the decoration. Using a hanging planter for its arrangement will make the decoration more beautiful. Use hanging planter made of three up to five wooden planks that spaced evenly between two pieces of rope. It creates the openings letting the pots dangle.

All of those things mentioned above are some tips that can be used as decorations. However, it takes a lot of money. To save up some money, using old objects as the decoration is acceptable. For example, you can use an old dresser as the base for the flower planter to be placed and arranged. Shaping an old hose like flower and nailed it on the wall. Moreover, hanging old wooden or metal frames arranged accordingly on the wall are also great since it show the unique style. Therefore, having outdoor wall decor is easy and it is important to make your house more beautiful. Therefore, just start decorating your dream house now!

Garden Statues for Perfecting Your Exterior Design

When it comes to decorate the exterior of your garden, you may prioritize the greenery such as flowers, trees, or other plants. Indeed, those make your garden look beautiful and fresh. On the other side, you can add the unique and artistic touch to your garden by putting some garden statues. Your garden will be in perfection by the right combination of greenery and statues.

Talking about garden statues, there are endless choices starting from the material, shape, style, and designs. Sometimes, it might make you overwhelmed in deciding which ones the best and works effectively to your garden. Therefore, this article provides you some detail information about the material to the best placement of statues in your garden.

Features and Placement of Garden Statues

Firstly, you have to understand about the material of the garden statues. The various materials are available with their own benefits. You can choose the stone which has the higher weather resistance. Moreover, the resin material is more popular. Bronze statues have the highest weather endurance from the all materials, but it is so expensive. If you want the cheaper one, you can choose the concrete and cement statues. However, they are less durable. The more material can endure the weather, the better it will be.

Then, you should choose the tasteful statues. Since there are abundant kinds of character, shapes, and angels of the statues, you have to consider about the theme of the garden. If you love the natural theme, you can opt the flowers statues or planters. To create the positive energies on your garden, choosing the laughing Buddha statue is better choice. Then, if you want to make the garden friendly to your children, just use the fairy theme in which you can add the animal or sun flower statues. Those characters are loved by children mostly.

Thirdly, we will talk about the placement of the garden statues. There are many ways in organizing the statues in outdoor living. You can place them at the center point of garden surrounded by the small flowers. It will surely make your garden look attractive. If the area is spacious enough and there is path through the garden, it is better if you add the small statues along or in the intersection of the path. Another option is you can place a planter statue in the corner of your garden to create the beautiful sight. Furthermore, if there is any pond in the garden, you can place the fountain statuary to add the perfect decoration.

Actually, the beauty and attractiveness of the garden depends on the creative decoration instead of expensive accessories. By the creativity, you still can use the affordable equipment. In relation with the placement of garden statues as accessories, you should notice about the size. Certainly, adding the big statues in the small garden is not the best idea as it makes your garden look messy. As alternative, you can ask some advices from exterior designer to get the best concept.