Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors

As people age it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Today, we see that the senior population is continuing to grow and many of these seniors understand the importance of being both mentally and physically fit. Due you to the fact that we live longer lives it is important to have good health as we age to maintain a high quality lifestyle. Unfortunately, growing old also means becoming more susceptible to the various ailments that are associated with old age.

Growing old usually means that a person will have a tendency to move less. This is where the danger lies because when we move less we also increase the chance of ailments that will restrict our mobility. It can become a vicious cycle that will lead to depression and frustration during what should be our Golden Years. There may be many friends and relatives that lovingly suggested that a senior should take it easy as they age. This misguided loving advice however will prove harmful and even fatal if followed.

A lack of movement or stretching can lead to a loss of flexibility and movement. For example,osteoporosis is common for anyone who avoids weight-bearing activities. Older people who have a tendency to sit for longer periods of time will develop muscle tightening, shortening, and weakening. By not continuing to challenge your balance in various positions you will be a candidate for serious and dangerous falls.

Some of the concerns that older people have by living a sedentary lifestyle are arthritis, high blood pressure, low back pain, breathing difficulties, chronic pain, inability to sleep, osteoporosis, poor blood circulation, and reduced joint flexibility. To help combat a life of sedentary as we grow old we need to formulate an exercise program. One of the best exercise programs for people of all ages is yoga.

Yoga has proven to help reduce or alleviate many of the health challenges that come along as we age. There are many yoga classes for seniors popping up everywhere. Some of these classes may be at a health club, a church basement, an assisted-living residence or a senior’s center. There are many excellent studies that show that one of the benefits of a regular yoga routine is that it will slow and sometimes even reverse the aging process.

Yoga has been around for more than 4000 years and during this time it has helped the young and the old. It is one of the fastest-growing exercise programs of the last decade. Yoga is an exercise that will promote flexibility and increase strength. It will help to create a union of body, mind, and spirit. People who practice yoga not only receive many physical benefits but it is an exercise that also provides a feeling of calm and serenity. It is a wonderful opportunity to forget about the chaotic world that we live in and spend a few moments improving our focus, slowing down our heart rate, and increasing our concentration.

Some of the approved poses for a senior yoga class include the following positions. These positions are preferable because they will help to prevent undue stress or strain. The yoga positions for seniors include the cobra, plank, cow, cat, pigeon, shoulder stand, lying twist, triangle, tabletop, happy baby pose, and the seated twist.

A few of the health benefits that will be noticed by seniors when doing the above poses will be a better sleep, increased strength, blood sugar improvement, lower blood pressure, weight loss, less stress and anxiety, ability to control chronic pain, and improved breathing. It is evident from scientific studies and years of practice that there are many proven health benefits realized from this ancient practice. For seniors, it may be the most important exercise program that they should start.

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