male chastity lifestyle

There are many compelling reasons why a couple
would want to incorporate the
male chastity lifestyle into their relationship. Here are 10 of them.

# 1.

Male chastity is easily one of the most erotic fantasies that a man can.
possibly have. The woman who can make it ‘real’ for him will have his.
everlasting attention, interest and loyalty.

# 2.

For couples who have an otherwise loving relationship but find that the.
romance and sex have lost their luster, a chastity device can liven things up a.

# 3.

For men who are in the habit of adopting a distant and disdainful demeanor.
immediately after sex, male chastity will change all of that … real quick!

# 4.

For the woman who is sexually frustrated by his lack of staying power or his.
overall disinterest in her pleasure, the chastity lifestyle can provide all the.
sexual enjoyment and satisfaction the she could ever hope for.

# 5.

The female often gets stuck with doing most, if not all, of the housework. When she.
takes the prerogative of locking him up in a male chastity device, that dynamic turns completely.
around. Now he is doing all of the housework … and more.

male servitude.

# 6.

If he happens to have a masturbation problem (as many males do), then that issue.
is immediately solved with male chastity. The only time he will be jerking off.
now is under strict supervision and for her amusement and entertainment purposes only.

# 7.

For the female who appreciates being adored and receiving lots of male.
affection, watch out! A chastised male will be giving you much more attention.
than you bargained for.

# 8.

After hundreds and thousand of years of psychological and physical.
programming, males have been conditioned to want, expect and even need an orgasm.
every two or three days (at least). Male chastity effectively re-programs the.
male mind to place the emphasis on her satisfaction instead of his.

# 9.

Men appreciate the anticipation and romance that leads up to sex just as much.
as women do. Using a.

male chastity device extends that erotic anticipation and puts him on a.
perpetual high that only ends when she decides that it ends. His female keyholder is.
actually giving him what he really wants and craves.

# 10.

The male chastity lifestyle actually affirms and supports what everyone.
already knows is true; men are easily controlled and manipulated with sex. A.
smart woman takes advantage of this weakness in the makeup of the male and becomes a.
master manipulatress using male chastity as her preferred instrument of control … all with.
his (initially anyway) approval.

Want to bring the fun, adventure and intimacy back into your relationship?

There’s no better way to accomplish that than to begin practicing long term orgasm.
denial (for him). To effectively do that, you will need a male chastity device which you can find.
right here.