New Mobile Phones Coming Soon with Future Technology

Smartphone changes the way people communicate. New mobile phones coming soon will be release from many brands. This industry is the most profitable market for companies that produce smartphone and tablet. You will find products from popular brands to the local manufacturers that sell mobile phone in their own countries. Study showed significant difference between laptop, computer, and mobile phone market last month.


You surely want to know future smartphone look like, but put on hold for moment. Let’s back in time when touchscreen technology was something new. Mobile phone industry emerged into era since people need portable communication device. Cost to produce one mobile phone was very high, but it was not long after many company participated in this market. You recognized Nokia, Sony Ericson, and Motorola as some popular brands. Nokia was leader in the market share with many attractive and innovative products.


Nowadays, Nokia is part of Microsoft and many new brands rise into popularity. You know Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Asus, etc. Some of them were existed in the past, but not quite familiar. Android changes smartphone market significantly and Apple shows its existence with iPhone. New mobile phones coming soon consist of some operating systems. There are Android, iOS, and windows. Manufacturers are not only hardware-based company, but also software such as Google. As you know, Google enters hardware market to fulfill customer demand for diversification in Android market. You will get the updates regularly.


List of New Mobile Phones Coming Soon


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8

After released Galaxy S6, Samsung prepared for S7 to fight against new product. Rumor for S8 spread after several brands launched premium smartphone with advanced technology. Samsung do not want to leave behind so S8 is prepared to be launched. Release date is still unknown, but it might be 2017 or early 2018. Galaxy is known as Android-based brand from Samsung. Many products have been released via this name, including tablet. New camera, processor and GPU make this product part of new mobile phones coming soon. To predict full specification, you can see S7 then add advanced parts. It is premium product so price is a little bit higher.


  1. Apple iPhone 7

If you ask expert about the fist mobile phone called smartphone, they may suggest iPhone. Since inception, IPhone transform smartphone market into new level. Company provides more than device with functionality, but also personal touch. You use iPhone, not smartphone. New generation from this brand is iPhone 7. In past time, Apple only produced single version of iPhone so customer got similar product. From fifth generation, Apple expands iPhone into several categories with customization part. Advanced technology and specifications can be found in this product. Therefore, many reasons can be stated to put new iPhone as one of new mobile phones coming soon.


  1. Moto E3

Motorola had been in difficult situation after failed to compete in new era of mobile phone market. However, new product is prepared to be launched from Motorola and called Moto E3. The pros side of this product is processor, camera, and operating system. Android Marshmallow is rumored to be part of it. At least, Motorola can stand in new mobile phones coming soon.