Garden Statues for Perfecting Your Exterior Design

Garden Statues for Perfecting Your Exterior Design

When it comes to decorate the exterior of your garden, you may prioritize the greenery such as flowers, trees, or other plants. Indeed, those make your garden look beautiful and fresh. On the other side, you can add the unique and artistic touch to your garden by putting some garden statues. Your garden will be in perfection by the right combination of greenery and statues.

Talking about garden statues, there are endless choices starting from the material, shape, style, and designs. Sometimes, it might make you overwhelmed in deciding which ones the best and works effectively to your garden. Therefore, this article provides you some detail information about the material to the best placement of statues in your garden.

Features and Placement of Garden Statues

Firstly, you have to understand about the material of the garden statues. The various materials are available with their own benefits. You can choose the stone which has the higher weather resistance. Moreover, the resin material is more popular. Bronze statues have the highest weather endurance from the all materials, but it is so expensive. If you want the cheaper one, you can choose the concrete and cement statues. However, they are less durable. The more material can endure the weather, the better it will be.

Then, you should choose the tasteful statues. Since there are abundant kinds of character, shapes, and angels of the statues, you have to consider about the theme of the garden. If you love the natural theme, you can opt the flowers statues or planters. To create the positive energies on your garden, choosing the laughing Buddha statue is better choice. Then, if you want to make the garden friendly to your children, just use the fairy theme in which you can add the animal or sun flower statues. Those characters are loved by children mostly.

Thirdly, we will talk about the placement of the garden statues. There are many ways in organizing the statues in outdoor living. You can place them at the center point of garden surrounded by the small flowers. It will surely make your garden look attractive. If the area is spacious enough and there is path through the garden, it is better if you add the small statues along or in the intersection of the path. Another option is you can place a planter statue in the corner of your garden to create the beautiful sight. Furthermore, if there is any pond in the garden, you can place the fountain statuary to add the perfect decoration.

Actually, the beauty and attractiveness of the garden depends on the creative decoration instead of expensive accessories. By the creativity, you still can use the affordable equipment. In relation with the placement of garden statues as accessories, you should notice about the size. Certainly, adding the big statues in the small garden is not the best idea as it makes your garden look messy. As alternative, you can ask some advices from exterior designer to get the best concept.

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