Finding the Best Log Bedroom Sets

Hearing the word log might draw our mind to a warm place we might dream of in the winter, like the log cabin, log house or even log bedroom sets. Logs always inspire warmness. Log furniture set is a type of rustic furniture which involves the whole logs to build it. From the appearance, it has a raw or early American look. Depending on how it is manufactured, log furniture is very durable.

Log Bedroom Sets and Their Best Materials

Log bedroom sets, along with log manufacturing are increasingly popular these last years. From the reason, there are many options and styles available in the market. So, for you who want to look for a log bedroom for your home, mountain lodges, or your country house, there are plenty options to choose. Log furniture oftentimes is more expensive if it is hand-made by skilled hands. But you have more affordable options with mass-produced and machined log furniture.

Well, the differing character of log sets is that the frame is made of logs. Moreover, it is constructed without any nails or screws. The early model of log bedroom sets are equipped with crossrails and layered with mattress. The more modern versions have no crossrails but they are equipped with box spring plus the mattress.

There are log bedroom sets materials you might want to consider before purchasing one. You need to consider the type of woods used for the bedroom set because they could affect your overall room characters. You might want a rustic log bedroom set, but you have a modern styled room. That choice just won’t do any good to your room.

The log set materials for bedroom are usually from Aspen wood, Alder, Pine, White Cedar, Red Cedar, and Willow. If you love handcrafted sets, Aspen logs are often the main materials. The quality of the wood and the beauty of the grain are really outstanding. Aside of the visual beauty, Aspen logs are really durable and long-lasting.

Meanwhile, Alder wood log bedroom sets are easily recognized by its reddish light brown shades when exposed to the air. It seldom splits when processed and easy to polish and sand. Those tuffs make it really popular as furniture materials. If you want light yet strong wood, red cedar logs may be good for your choices. The wood is really popular among carpenters for it’s really easy to drill and saw.

White cedar logs could also be your options. It has very similar color to pine. As furniture of bedroom sets, the wood will give its soft yet solid comfort atmosphere. As an added plus, cedar is naturally insect-resistant and really durable. Furthermore, it also won’t shrink and practically no need any maintenance.

Those are several materials you might want to consider before purchasing log sets furniture for bedroom. Your choices are plentiful. They are the mass-produced bedroom sets and there is handcrafted one. The materials are also abundant. So now, what is your choice for your log bedroom sets?